Smart Home Katy is Now Rachio Pro Certified

We are pleased to announce that Smart Home Katy is now listed as a Certified Rachio Professional Installer.  If you live in Greater Houston and want to know more about the smartest controls for your existing irrigation system, drop us a line.

Rachio will provide significant savings to your water bill, reducing outdoor usage  by 30% or more!  It predicts the weather rather than reacts to it.  Your 20th-century sprinkler controls will still run during the storm, but will stop after when the water sensor detects the ground is already wet.  Rachio checks the upcoming weather patterns and cancels upcoming jobs if it predicts a quarter inch of rain in the immediate forecast.  You won't be THAT NEIGHBOR whose sprinklers are going off while the streets are flooding.

On top of that, there are several local water districts (they're known as MUDs or Municipal Utility Districts here in Katy, TX) that provide rebates from the EPA of up to half off of the Rachio hardware!  I am fighting for the residents of the local MUDs to have them offer this rebate everywhere.

Not your typical fairy tale...

Once upon a time, home automation was expensive and confusing. A luxury only for those with unlimited means.

Every day, countless homes wasted unnecessary resources and frustrated homeowners.

One Day, Smart Home Katy opened the world of convenient, inexpensive home automation to the people of West Houston.

Because of that, homes began to monitor and control themselves. Rooms were filled with music and movies.  WiFi was strong and available in every corner of the house.  Computers were backed up to the cloud and protected from danger.

Because of that, countless dollars were saved every month and electricity and water was being conserved as never before.  Data was safe from countless disasters.

Until finally, people felt secure knowing their homes were proactively looking out for them.  They could save for a fabulous vacation, and rest assured knowing everything was as it should be back home.