IFTTT - Where IoT Becomes IoE

The Dalai Lama walks up to a hot dog cart and says, "Make me One with Everything." 

It seems appropriate to kick off this site with the town square of IoT:  IFTTT.com - If This, Then That.  Nothing I've experienced better exemplifies connectivity between both people and technology.  IFTTT combs the Internet for web apps and connected devices with open APIs (Application Program Interfaces).  It then provides the ingredients for users to create and share recipes to blend these services together.

Want to send a tweet whenever you check in on Foursquare?  Want to get a text when tomorrow's forecast calls for rain?  Want to turn your driveway lights on at sundown no matter what time of year?  These things are only a couple of clicks away.  Combine a trigger from one channel with an action from another and click Create Recipe.  Share the ideas you like best and find inspiration from others like yourself.

IFTTT support is something I look for when considering a web-enabled product.  I tend to prefer devices that don't charge a monthly fee.  IFTTT allows me to purchase the products I like and not be tied to a single vendor or a single user interface.

The recipes currently available on IFTTT are a bit basic.  You can only use one trigger and one activity per recipe; so if you want multiple activities for a trigger (such as turning off multiple WEMO light switches), you have to create multiple recipes.  IFTTT has announced that they are about to offer premium accounts that allow for greater flexibility.  I'll be the first to sign up when that happens.