It's not what you's WHO you know!

Smart Tech Katy is there to assist you; transforming binders and bins full of unused business cards into an untapped gold mine.  Sure, card scanning apps are quick and convenient when you have only a small handful to process, but we can take the backlog of months or even years of paper references and convert them into a powerful marketing utility.

 Image courtesy of Spencer Moreland -

Image courtesy of Spencer Moreland -


Each of your paper cards will be scanned and entered into a digital file that can be imported into your phone, contact management software (such as Salesforce or Insightly), and email marketing application (such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact).  Smart Tech Katy can even assist with setting these up for you as a true turn-key solution.

  • Content will be manually reviewed for accuracy and provided in a consistent format.  
  • Names, job titles and addresses will all be in proper case.  
  • Telephone numbers will all be in a consistent format: (xxx) xxx-xxxx, xxx-xxx-xxxx or
  • Duplicates will be removed without additional charge.

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Imagine your filing cabinet - Available wherever you go!

Smart Tech Katy can also provide a way to manage the stacks of paperwork sitting on your desk.  Take the paper out of the jam-packed filing cabinet and convert it into an instantly-searchable database of documents, available wherever you are.  Pull up and print archived invoices from the client site.  Search for all filings that involve a specific vendor.  Ensure that you have all of the tax documents you would have had to pull from previous filings...even after you leave for the CPA's office.

Digital filing will also protect your valuable business information from disasters such as fire or flood.  Imagine the result if your paper documents were to be lost.

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